A Family Project

We are a bi-national family of four, my husband, Pete, has traveled the globe as a free-lance photographer. His interest in indigenous peoples and their way of life inspired his photo-explorations.

On a journey through Quito, Ecuador, our chance meeting led to a marriage, two children, and a new life in the United States. We share the vision of living respectfully with the earth as we work side by side. To this endeavor, I bring knowledge of farming and Pete brings an encyclopedia of information gleaned from his world travels. With a supportive community of local farmers, together we enjoy the abundance of our farm.


What We Do

Though I love America, my experience with the American food industry makes me long for the ways of farming that the native community taught me in Ecuador –mimicking nature at its best.  We believe in regenerative farming and we work to nurture the earth while using its resources.

At Martha’s farm, you will find much more than standard crops such as lettuce and tomatoes. We grow whatever is desired in our local community, including off-season vegetables and foods that offer international flavors.

We focus on the essentials of developing good earth. It takes a lot of work to turn Ohio mud into rich, black humus. As we develop the earth, we look to develop community with those who enjoy the fruits of our labor and celebrate together the “sacramental aspect of food,” the local roots, the experience of the market and my family’s table in Ecuador.

About Martha

Martha is an Ecuadorian native who grew up learning first-hand bioethnic farming. She inherited from past generations traditional Inca agricultural methods and trading practices. This way of life has persisted in the villages of the Andes even to this day where the farmer’s market feed and supports the local community.

For Martha, the local farmers’ market was her playground and her classroom. Each week a tapestry of color, fabrics, spices, and just-picked produce gleamed under the mid-day sun. People came to sell, to shop, to visit with neighbors and relatives, to eat, to nap and to simply enjoy the sounds of conversations. Babies laughing and Andean flutes playing their haunting melodies.

Now years later as a farmer in Ohio, Martha brings the same techniques and values to market so you can enjoy safe and healthy vegetables and berries. This means you can trust her goods to be grown without chemicals of any kind. Instead, using centuries-old soil enhancing methods, she is able to produce a complete variety of healthy foods. (More…)