For those of you who have enjoyed our pasture based chickens we have a special Thanksgiving treat. All natural grass-based turkeys. As always nothing unnatural at all! (see the comparison chart at ( MARTHAS'FARM.COM) Our turkeys will be young and tender, just 17 weeks old on the day of processing the Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving and are expected to be around 18 to 30 lbs, average 22 lbs. We will also be offering these fine feathered friends fully cooked, hot smoked with hickory and naturally cured with celery and sea salt (no nitrates) so all you need to do is warm it up and it's ready to serve. Cost a little more but believe me it's worth it. I just tested it out on 40 guest this last weekend and it was as my British friend likes to say “absolutely smashing” In Cleveland-es that is “sumptuously delicious” or in Ashland-dish “Dang Good” The smoked turkey will be in a vacuum sealed bag and can be kept in the fridge for a month or in the freezer for a year.

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  1. dan morgan says:

    Hey Martha and Peter,

    Nice work on the web site. I have a link to you now from my site!

    Gobble Gobble!


  2. dan morgan says:

    Great Smoked Turkey!!!!! We loved it!

  3. Sharon says:

    My family & I loved the smoked turkey for Thanksgiving dinner! I made it extra special to be able to meet the farmer who raised and cared for our turkey!

  4. Connie says:

    Martha’s smoked turkeys have a very special flavor. They are plump and juicy. The organic process is a much better way of getting the nutrition we all need. My family looks forward to Martha’s smoked turkey dinners!!

  5. dan morgan says:

    We are looking forward to our Smoked Birds (5)again this year. Thanks Peter and Martha.

    Really glad to see you at Local Roots in Wooster too!!!

  6. Paul Miller says:

    We enjoyed a fresh turkey this year from Martha’s Farm. It was very good. It is great to know that our turkey was raised as it should be, and not raised in a crowded, confined, indoor building. You notice that there are not many tours open to the public of the confinement farms where most of the Thanksgiving Day turkeys are, but Martha’s Farm is different. It was a pleasure visiting Martha’s Farm and meeting the family.

  7. Robbie says:

    Our fresh turkey was the best ever! Moist, tasty and no waste!!

  8. Dianna says:

    This was the first time we had a smoked turkey and absolutely loved it!!! So juicy, meaty and tender. We have never eaten such fresh and healthy turkey meat before. We will be ordering again next year.

  9. Rosemary says:

    We had a fresh turkey this year and it was just delicious! Also enjoyed visiting with Martha at the farm. Everything is so clean & organized. We will definitely be going back!

  10. Linda says:

    I purchased a fresh turkey for Thanksgiving, 2015, and it was the best Fresh turkey I ever had…moist, tender, and flavorful! The carcass made a delicious bone broth I used for soups.

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